Aneros MGX Review

Picture of a Aneros MGX prostate massager

Today we are reviewing the Aneros MGX prostate massager the original of the Aneros massagers. For those of you that are new to prostate massage, the MGX or the Helix are the recommended models for you. The MGX has the added benefit of being a little smaller than the Helix and therefore enables easy insertion and movement within the anus. Yup thats right those of you that did not know, prostate massagers go up your butt as this is the best access point to your prostate. As an added bonus the massager will also stimulate your anus which has the second largest concentration of nerves in the body allowing you to feel some powerful pleasures.

If you have never experienced any anal play the MGX is the perfect size and weight making it easier to move using your pelvic and anal muscles until you strengthen them through repeated use. Strong pelvic and anal muscles will intensify your traditional orgasms during sex or masturbation.

The first thing to mention about the Aneros MGX is that it is not a traditional sex toy like a Fleshlight that you hump away at with instant gratification. This prostate massager opens the doorway to experiencing orgasm very different to what you are used to feeling during sex. The orgasm itself is impossible to explain as until you feel it for yourself as you just wont have anything to compare it to unitl you try it. I suppose it is the same as experiencing a traditional orgasm for the first time. You dont really know what it will feel like untill you experience it. The prostate orgasm seems very similar to a female orgasm.

The way the MGX works is by rubbing against the prostate while inserted. At first the user needs to clench their anal and pelvic floor muscles to get the massager moving. For some men this will feel really nice and for some you might not feel much at all. The important point here it to relax while performing these contractions. Once you are sufficiently relaxed your body will react to the prostate stimulation and start clenching your muscles on its own. The rhythmic rubbing of the MGX against your prostate will feel warm, sexual, and deeply pleasurable. If left to continue your pleasure will increase until you reach the super orgasm. Or that is the theory anyway, lets find out how it went when I tried it...

I started by washing the MGX is hot soapy water and laying down a towel on my bed as per the instructions. I start relaxing with some deep breathing. After 5 minutes I begin to get bored so I decide that im sufficiently relaxed. I start applying plenty of lube to the MGX and while lying on my back with my knees bent, feet flat on the bed I slowly start wiggling the aneros in. Once I get it about half way the MGX is greeted by my anal muscles as the suck the massager the rest of the way in on their own. Well that wasnt too bad I think to myself. At this point I dont really feeling anything. I remind myself to relax and start making little contractions to get the massager moving. Within 30 seconds I start getting an erection which has to be a good sign.

A few minutes pass and I start feeling a warm feeling from under my penis around the region where my prostate is located. It feels nice, sort of like the warm light pleasure you feel while receiving a normal body massage. 10 minutes later there I am lying back relaxing and enjoying the slowly growing pleasure in my abdomen. I decide that should be enough contractions and stop squeezing my anal muscles.

The pleasure slightly subsides but within 2 minutes, slowly but surely the massager starts moving on its own. At first this is a little strange and I semi-subconsciously intervene by squeezing my muscles again. After a few tries I start getting used to it and learn to relax my anal muscles enough so that I dont upset the rhythm.

A few minutes of enjoying the rhythmic massage later I notice my penis rock hard throbbing in sync with the movement of the MGX. The pleasure is pretty intense. Intense enough to make me want more.

This is where I sort of lost track of time. Perhaps 10-20 minutes of the deep pleasure later I feel a wave of warmth and intense pleasure flow from my prostate up into and towards my chest as a slow stream of see through fluid (pre-cum) drools out of my erect penis. It feels nothing short of amazing and lasts for about 10 seconds. A few minutes later im greeted with another one of these pleasure waves and later one more. Eventually I look at the clock and see that almost 2 hours have passed so I decide to end my session.

Comparing my experience with other users I was able to achieve pleasure waves and a mini orgasm but I did not get to the super orgasm yet. Some first time users get to the Super O straight away while some people dont quite make it to the waves as I did. It usually takes a few tries to start feeling the pleasure as it can be quite subtle to start with and hard to identify until you know what to look or feel for.

Ultimately I have to give the Aneros MGX top marks. No it does not provide the instant gratification most other sex toys do, but if you are patient enough it will reward you with a new league of orgasmic pleasure, something the traditional sex toys will never be able to achieve. Im impressed...really impressed.

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