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I think it is safe to say that there is no substitute for a real vagina but if there ever was the Fleshlight has to come pretty close to it. Specifically designed to simulate the feel of a womans vagina the Fleshlight is supposed to feel like the real thing. Any sex toy for men declaring it feels like the real thing is good enough for me to give it a go and test it out.

The first step is to choose which Fleshlight you want to buy. There is quite a selection with all sorts of bumps and ribs to increase stimulation to the penis that even a real vagina cannot do. In the end I had to test the original pink vagina Fleshlight with no extra thrills to see how it compares to the real thing but I also went for the additional Speed Bump insert to see how big a difference there would be.

The vagina on the front of the Fleshlight is surprisingly erotic and certainly adds to the excitement and pleasure of the experience. For those of you that prefer a mouth or the tightness of an anal opening will be happy to hear that these are also available.

Sticking my finger into the Fleshlights pussy, I was surprised at just how soft it did feel as it certainly beat the feel of any other masturbation toy or implement I have used before. However, softness is only one of the characteristics of a pussy that we men have learnt to love. Can the Fleshlight be as nice and warm as an inviting pussy? Actually yes it can! Stick it in some hot water for 5 minutes heating the insert up to body temperature simulating the body heat we so crave in real vaginas. What about that moist slipperiness that feels so good? Well any lube does the trick to simulate that.

Having warmed and lubed up the Fleshlight I slipped my penis in. If I remember correctly the next words to come out of my mouth were holy shit. The pussy was nice and tight wrapping around my penis with perfection. The Fleshlight manages to create a nice suction effect too feeling a little like a blow job, a feature which I found very pleasurable.

I have to admit it felt very real and ticked almost all of the boxes. There were only two things that were missing from real sex. The first was the obvious lack of women attached to the pussy meaning you do not get the pleasure associated her wrapping herself around you and of course no squirming, moaning or back arching as you make her come. The second thing missing is the tautness of a real vagina as she flexes her public muscles during sex and especially orgasm that palpates, stokes and squeezes your penis. I guess im thankful these things were missing or we might have had no further sexual use for women apart from bearing children.

As for the Speed Bump insert with additional bumps on the insert to increase stimulation, it was intense. Certainly worth it as I experienced a sensation that you do not get with a real vagina. By now Im sure you can guess my orgasm was incredible, certainly matching or close to matching a real orgasm through vaginal sex with a partner, in fact I do not know for sure because it felt too damn good to bother comparing it to previous orgasms, all I could do is take in the intense pleasure.

So do I recommend the Fleshlight? In a word: abso-fuckin-lutley. While it is not quite as good as real sex (what is?!) the Fleshlight does feel like a real pussy and intensifies masturbation by such an amount that I can no longer call masturbation using my hands masturbation any more. The Fleshlight is just in a different league. Every man must try it.

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