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We all know how popular sex toys are with the ladies yet many men have not tried male sex toys or are not aware of how damn good they can feel. Guys, if you are still using your hands to masturbate you better read some of our reviews you dont know what you are missing.

Latest Reviews:

The Mangasm Buzz Review

Picture of a Mangasm Buzz prostate massager

Today we have a bit of a treat in the form of a Mangasm Buzz. Our UK readers may not yet have heard of the Mangasm range of prostate massagers that are taking the US by storm. The manufacturer of the Masgasm range asked us if we would like to review one of their massagers and as we never can turn down a new toy, we just had to agree.

A week later a package arrived. I ripped it open to find a very sleek and professional looking box that just screamed “open me” - and who am I to resist?

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Aneros MGX Prostate Massager Review

Picture of a Aneros MGX prostate massager

Today we are reviewing the Aneros MGX prostate massager the original of the Aneros massagers. For those of you that are new to prostate massage, the MGX or the Helix are the recommended models for you. The MGX has the added benefit of being a little smaller than the Helix and therefore enables easy insertion and movement within the anus. Yup thats right those of you that did not know, prostate massagers go up your butt as this is the best access point to your prostate. As an added bonus the massager will also stimulate your anus which has the second largest concentration of nerves in the body allowing you to feel some powerful pleasures.

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Monkey Spanker Review

Picture of a Monkey Spanker

The Monkey Spanker is one toy I have been keen to review. Thanks to the guys at The Adult Pleasure Zone for sending us this toy for review, I was able to give this unique looking toy a through review.

Shaped roughly like a spanner, the Monkey Spanker possesses some incredibly soft and stretchy material far beyond anything I expected. When inserted on the penis the rubbery material forms a sort of highly malleable tube increasing the surface area that makes contact with the penis and thereby heightening the sensation.

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Fleshlight Review

Picture of a Fleshlight

I think it is safe to say that there is no substitute for a real vagina but if there ever was the Fleshlight has to come pretty close to it. Specifically designed to simulate the feel of a womans vagina the Fleshlight is supposed to feel like the real thing. Any sex toy for men declaring it feels like the real thing is good enough for me to give it a go and test it out.

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Bathmate Penis Enlarger Review

Picture of a Bathmate penis enlarger

I am almost certain that every man would like a bigger penis, that is why the penis enlargement industry is so large. They stuff our inboxes daily with products that are supposed to make are dicks bigger but do any of them actually work? Firstly, forget penis enlargement pills they are a total waste of time and money. The only products that work to some extent are penis pumps and extenders. Yes, you heard right penis pumps and extenders do work.

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