Men: How to Have an Orgasm 10 Times More Intense then the Best Orgasm of Your Life

That's right, 10 times more pleasure then the best orgasm you can remember lasting up to an hour at a time, and 100% hands free. Impossible? No sir!

It starts with light pleasurable feelings in your abdomen which eventually start to build and build until your heart starts pounding and your breathing increases. The pleasure starts to spread throughout your entire body. The pleasure grows and grows until you start to feel as though things couldn't get any more pleasurable but to your amazement they do, pushing your experience of pleasure to new heights, higher and higher. At this point nothing in the world could distract you from this kind of pleasure, you are now just a slave along for the ride, it just feels too good to stop. You then come to the point where you stop thinking about how pleasurable it is because there are no words to express this kind of pleasure.

Then it happens..... you reach the Super Orgasm, an orgasm so pleasurable that it can't be described. Men who experienced it have reported feelings of such intense pleasure that they started seeing colours, had a perception of time stopping or slowing down, levitating off the bed or sinking into the bed, crying, uncontrollable groans of pleasure, tunnel like vision and movement as well as full body involuntary shacking with pleasure.

Men that have experience what is called the "Super Orgasm" have said:

"Imagine the most pleasurable feeling you think is possible and then triple that to get anywhere near to understanding how good this feels."

"I have never experienced anything like it. An overload of pleasure that you never want to end."

"I just remember that full body orgasm as if my entire body from head to every one of my toes was having an orgasm and all at once. Forget having that orgasm feeling just in your penis with regular ejaculatory orgasm, I want my entire body to orgasm like this ever time from now on."

"I never thought anything like this was possible, every man should have the right to experience this."

"I cant believe I've wasted so many years before I found out about this, my sex life will never be the same."

"It's just the best feeling imaginable and then some, I just cant explain it any better than that, the words that describe this kind of pleasure haven't been invented yet."

How This Orgasm Works

Well believe it or not its been around for millennia. The super Orgasm is attained through the massage of the prostate gland. A gland about the size of a golf ball that is responsible for controlling erections, creating seamen, and most importantly controlling our orgasms. The prostate gland is located in the abdomen just behind the pubic bone and under the bladder.

It is the massage of this gland that will send you to new heights of pleasure. Prostate massage is considered to have originated in ancient Asia where it became a widely accepted custom where wives would regularly massage their husbands prostates. Today prostate massages are bigger then ever especially in Japan and are quickly growing in the US and Europe.

How to Massage the Prostate to have a Super Orgasm

The prostate can be massaged externally through the abdomen, about half way between the your belly button and the base of your penis. Unfortunately this is not very effective as the massage is very indirect due to the prostates position deep within the abdomen.

Instead the best method for safely and effectively massaging your prostate to achieve an orgasm is with a prostate massager. Prostate massagers are medically designed to perfectly massage the prostate. The worlds best selling prostate massager the Aneros which is designed to be used hands free meaning it requires no manual intervention to work effectively letting you feel like someone else is giving you the massage!

The Aneros prostate massager is designed to primarily stimulate the prostate but also the perineum, seminal vessels and anal canal (The 4 of the 5 most important male sexual organs). The perineum is a small bundle of nerves located half way between your scrotum and anus and has direct links to your prostate enabling you to partly stimulate the prostate through the perineum.

The Aneros prostate massager works by being inserted into the anus (the anus has the second largest concentration of nerve endings in the human body) where its arm stimulates the perineum, the body stimulates the anus, and the curved tip stimulates the prostate and the seminal vessels all at once. Your body will naturally move the massager on its own letting you simply relax and enjoy the pleasure after insertion. It is sometime advised to make slight anal contractions to get the massager moving before your body takes over and starts moving it on it own letting the pleasure gradually build until you reach the Super orgasm (Super O) which can last anywhere from minutes to hours, you can experience multiple orgasms where wave after wave or orgasms are thrown at you and some users even like to use the massager to ejaculate without touching their penis.

It is notable that the super orgasm does not produce an ejaculation. Orgasm and ejaculation are separate events in men. An orgasm takes place seconds prior to ejaculation where semen is released. Ejaculation only takes place upon stimulation of the penis. As the Aneros prostate massager does not stimulate the penis, no semen is ejaculated after or during the super orgasm enabling you to avoid a refractory period (the time right after ejaculation where a man cannot ejaculate again without a break) meaning you can have orgasm after orgasm similar to a woman who is capable of experiencing multiple orgasms.

It goes Where?!

I know, the majority of men want nothing to do with having anything going up their butt. Some men incorrectly label anal play as "dirty" or even a homosexual activity. This couldn't be further from the truth; homosexuality is defined as a sexual act with the same sex. There is no one else involved in a prostate massage just you so it is therefore not gay at all. Anal play between a male and female partner has been around for millennia and is a common practice in today sexual activities. With the second largest number of nerve endings located in the anus who could ignore such a opportunity for pleasure? Why should anal sex be ok for woman but not for men?

Any man who has had a prostate exam by a doctor will know that the doctor checks the prostate by inserting two fingers into the anus. It's commonly practiced even in medicine but still for some reason, today's society seems to frown on male anal play despite its ancient history in almost every society and culture on the planet so rest assured, its perfectly natural.

For those of you that have gotten over childish stereotyping and are still reading, prepare for greatest journey of your life. You wont look back.

Health Benefits

Many men will experience problems with their prostate at some point in their lives. Difficulty in or stinging urination, erection problems, fertility are common signs of prostate problems. These come about through lack of oxygen and nutrients being supplied to the prostate via the blood stream. The Aneros prostate massager is incredible healthy for the prostate as during the massage it increases blood flow to the prostate supplying it with the oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. In addition through massaging the prostate the prostate will release built up prostatic fluid that if unreleased can clog and damage the prostate. This is the same method that your doctor would use it massage your prostate to release this fluid and rejuvenate your prostate with nutrients, only using the Aneros massager is far more pleasant. Actually the Aneros was medically developed and is a patented medical instrument for improving prostate health. It has since been tweaked to be used in generating the mind blowing orgasms you are waiting for.

Where to Buy

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Please remember to buy lubricant with your Aneros prostate massager! It is vital to lubricate the Aneros prior to insertion to make the insertion process easy and comfortable as well as enabling the massager good mobility during the massage.

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