Monkey Spanker Review

Picture of a Monkey Spanker

The Monkey Spanker is one toy I have been keen to review. Thanks to the guys at The Adult Pleasure Zone for sending us this toy for review, I was able to give this unique looking toy a through review.

Shaped roughly like a spanner, the Monkey Spanker possesses some incredibly soft and stretchy material far beyond anything I expected. When inserted on the penis the rubbery material forms a sort of highly malleable tube increasing the surface area that makes contact with the penis and thereby heightening the sensation.

Perhaps most impressive is the suction effect created around the penis which was something new that I have never quite experienced before, culminating in a very strong orgasm, far stronger than I anticipated. The feeling was totally unique to this toy and what felt like the most intense blowjob I have experienced. I believe it was as a result of the suction effect together with the relatively concentrated firm pressure produced by the Spanker.

As an added bonus you get a vibrating bullet that clips onto the Monkey Spanker. As you stroke up and down the bullet provides extra stimulation and is a define bonus even though the spanker alone provides more than enough satisfaction. Those of you that are patient can turn on the bullet and see if the vibration alone is enough to make you orgasm. Better yet, use a prostate massager at the same time for an even more intense orgasm.

Overall the monkey Spanker was a welcomed surprise. It by far exceeded my expectations with its unique stimulation makes for a wonderful change from the traditional male masturbators. Its low cost makes it quite a bargain and there are plenty of batteries included for the vibrating bullet. Based on the unique pleasure it provides alone I highly recommend this toy.

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