Orgasm: What Really is it and How to Intensify it

Before we start I would just like to say that this guide applies to primarily men but also to women as our orgasms are incredible similar if not identical. Orgasms are not easy to study as it is as much a non quantifiable emotional response as it is a measurable scientific one so keep in mind that all texts available on the subject should not be taken as absolute fact and that includes our guide. Keeping that in mind here is what we know about orgasms and how one can intensify them.

The first distinction we should make is that orgasm and ejaculation are very different things. A man can ejaculate without having an orgasm (no pleasure is experienced during ejaculation) and can also have an orgasm (experience great pleasure) without ejaculating. The latter is very similar to what women experience during their orgasms however it should be noted the women are also capable of ejaculating. Of course female ejaculate has a different consistency than male semen and does not contain any sperm.

Orgasms themselves can vary greatly in intensity and type by which we mean that there are a good number of orgasms that can be classed as different based on the way they feel. Location of orgasm usually plays a large part in defining the type and therefore the way the orgasm feels. Examples of different feeling orgasms include vaginal, anal, clitoral, penile, and our favourite prostate orgasms, in fact virtually any body part is capable of having an orgasm. It is even possible to have an orgasm throughout your entire body simultaneously. This is because orgasms are triggered and controlled by the brain. During sex or masturbation as the sexual organs are stimulated the level of arousal builds in the brain until a certain peak is reached resulting in orgasm and in men closely followed by ejaculation. In this respect, orgasm would seem to be like most other naturally spontaneous bodily responses such as laughing, crying, sweating when hot, getting goose bumps/pimples when cold or even running away when being startled or burnt by something hot. While all of these are spontaneous reactions it does not mean that we cannot control them.

Have you ever found something incredibly funny but managed to hold in the giggles because it was inappropriate at the time? Have you ever been able to force yourself to cry for a play? While difficult, with enough practice these spontaneous responses can actually be controlled and yes that includes orgasms. The ability to have a greater control over orgasms is no new ability and has been around for thousands of years. For instance Taoists spend years perfecting their control over their orgasms. To take it to the extreme, there exist individuals that possess the ability to attain an orgasm at will within seconds purely through mental thought.

Now I strongly doubt that our guide will be enough for you to learn how to have orgasms at will, but hopefully it will give you some tips that you might want to explore further to increase your pleasure.

Now that we know what is possible we can begin to look at techniques to intensify our orgasmic pleasure. For us men this is not an easy task as we are incredibly focused on our penises and achieving ejaculation. As virtually all men masturbate regularly from an early age, ejaculation is a simple path to pleasure but what we dont know is that there is a lot more pleasure to unlock if only we looked further past our normal ejaculatory orgasms. Unfortunately after men ejaculate they loose the lust for further pleasure which is referred to as the refractory period. Because of this men cannot achieve the multiple orgasms in swift succession as many women can. However, a man can learn to attain orgasms without ejaculating and by doing so gain the ability to have multiple orgasms for as long as he may choose. To do this, the penis has to be virtually ignored. Instead, stimulation to the prostate is often enough to achieve orgasm and because the penis is not being simulated, the man will not ejaculate and therefore will avoid the refractory period. Additionally with some practice, nipple stimulation can also lead to orgasm in some men, however to achieve non ejaculatory orgasms training will be required for most men. You will need to relearn the way you experience sexual pleasure and need to open your mind to new sources of pleasure.

The best way to start in my opinion is through prostate massage using the Aneros prostate massager that we are so fond of. The key here is to explore anything that you find sexual that does not involve the penis. Eventually you will be able to manipulate the pleasure you receive from sex or masturbation. For instance, focusing on pleasure in your prostate which will give you a different, fuller orgasm once you ejaculate. To do this, focus on any source of pleasure you can feel under and above the base of your penis, usually right below the start of your pubic hair. Eventually you will feel two different sources of pleasure, the one you know very well from penile stimulation and a second kind originating from your prostate. This goes for the ladies too, while you dont have a prostate, focus on different parts of your vagina and feel differences in pleasure that each area creates.

Another absolute key to orgasm is relaxation and submission. When you are at your most relaxed and submitting to any pleasure you are feeling, you will receive the greatest orgasms of your life. The best way to relax is simple breathing exercises comprising of deep slow breathing relaxing your muscles more and more with each exhale. What I have referred to as “submission” is a little more tricky to comprehend but is closely related to relaxation. What I mean is to release your metal control over your body, to let it pleasure itself in any way that it chooses and simple ride the pleasure. The closest you get to such as state is when you are about to fall asleep. Try to recreate that feeling using the deep breathing to relinquish your metal control and give the control of your pleasure to your body, which will want to pleasure itself. This is not by any means easy and can take a while to grasp, however you will see that it is well worth it once you get there.

If you remember how we said all pleasure originates in the brain and how it can be at least mentally influenced if not fully controlled, then you will be happy to know that by using the relaxation and submission technique above you can focus on any source of pleasure you are getting no matter how small, and intensify that pleasure by enjoying it. Tell yourself how enjoyable that pleasure is, smile, moan, (Yes guys, moaning is not only for the ladies) perhaps even laugh and try to loose yourself in the pleasure by just letting it happen. This will fuel your pleasure further and further until orgasm is achieved. It is possible to achieve orgasm in such a manner purely through metal focus with no physical stimulation what so ever, however it will take some practice to reach that ability. In the meantime use the technique during sex or masturbation to intensify your pleasure. If you want to give it a try without any physical stimulation, then men should try focusing on any pleasure they can feel in their prostates while women should focus on their vagina or more locally around their g spot or clitoris.

For a much simpler technique to add to your pleasure during orgasm, (this applies to both men and women) train your PC muscles on a regular basis. The PC muscle is what you use when trying to stop urinating. The more you train it the stronger it will get and the stronger it is the more intense your orgasms will be as the PC muscle plays a big role during orgasm. To train your PC muscles simply try to tense and hold the muscle for as long as you can about 10 times in a row once a day. For men, this can also help in maintaining and achieving harder erections. For women, the additional benefit will be a tighter vagina which your man will go crazy for. An additional tip is once you have learnt where your PC muscle is and how to tense it, tense it as you approach ejaculation for a stronger orgasm and longer ejaculation range.

This concludes the main orgasm enhancing techniques, however do remember that orgasms can be mentally controlled and initiated. Keep exploring new avenues of sexual pleasure and your orgasms will increase in intensity over time. Pay special attention to how good everything feels and try to build on those pleasurable feelings through relaxed concentration.

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