Prostate Massage Guide

Those of you who have been looking for a guide or tutorial about how to massage the prostate to achieve orgasm or good prostate health will know that while there are many such guides available on the internet, none of them give you a detailed enough explanation of how to properly massage the prostate. Here at Male Orgasm we have decided to provide the most detailed prostate massage guide packed with everything we have researched and know about how to massage the prostate.

The purpose of this guide is to teach you how to either massage your own prostate or guide your partner to massage it for you, with the ultimate goal of achieving orgasm or even multiple orgasms. However, this guide is equally useful in guiding men who wish to massage their prostates for only the medical benefits.

Prostate Background Information

For those of you that are not so familiar with prostate massage will need to know that the prostate is located just above the base of the penis inside the abdomen, just beneath the bladder about 2 inches inside the anus on the interior (front) wall. It is a small gland and not a muscle and thus must be handled with great care and only light massage. The size of the prostate can vary in size but is normally about the size of a golf ball, walnut, or a small egg. The prostate which is found only in men, has been dubbed the male G-spot or P-spot due to its explosive orgasmic capabilities when stimulated. The prostate is the single most important male sexual organ as it is responsible for generating erections, ejaculating semen, creating and storing semen, and most importantly generating orgasms.

Health Warning and Disclaimer

Just before we start our step by step guide of how to massage your prostate we first have to warn you of the dangers. The prostate is delicate and rough massage can damage the prostate. Never, under any circumstances exert larger or even medium amounts of pressure on the prostate. Additionally, men who engage in prostate massage who have a prostate infection or even cancer can spread the infection into other parts of the body. Only men with healthy prostates should engage in prostate massage but it is highly recommended to ask your doctor if prostate massage is safe for you. Men who want to use prostate massage for medical purposes should always first seek permission from their doctor before starting the massage. This guide has been constructed for informational purposes only and cannot he held responsible for any negative effects from any actions you take based on our guide.

To not completely scare you away from prostate massage, rest assured that massaging the prostate is often practiced by medical professions for medical reasons and can be safe if done properly with only gentle massage and when you are cleared by your GP. For those of you that wish to try to massage your prostate always remember that all movements should be very gentle. If you are worried about injuring yourself, consider buying the Aneros prostate massager instead, which is designed to always use a safe amount of pressure on your prostate.

Preparing for the Massage

For this massage you will need either a condom or a latex glove, plenty of lubricant and a towel or sheet to put under yourself. It is possible to perform the massage with just your bare finger but we recommend a condom or latex glove. If you insist on using only your bare finger, then make sure your hand is washed thoroughly with soap and or disinfectant and any nails or rough skin is well trimmed as to not cause any damage to the soft anal canal and prostate.

Step 1: Cleaning

The receiver of the prostate massage will need to empty their bowels if not already done so and wait 30 minutes to let things settle down before beginning the massage. The giver (If a partner if giving you the massage) will need to thoroughly wash their hands with soap. It is also important that the receiver of the massage also tries to urinate as much as possible before the massage.

Step 2: Assuming Position

When you are clean and ready to begin the massage, you will first need to lay down the towel or sheet where you intend to lie for the massage. We recommend a soft surface such as a bed for the massage. If you are performing the massage on yourself, you will need to find a position that is both comfortable but also gives you enough arm length to reach your prostate. The best position is to lie on your back with your shoulders against a headboard or wall using a pillow for extra comfort if needed. This will bring your shoulders closer to your stomach and give you better reach for the massage. Bring your knees as close to your chest as is comfortable. You are now ready to start the massage.

If a partner is performing the massage, position is less important as long as your partner has good access to your prostate. Lying on your back with your legs spread or knees bent as in the solo position described above will work well. A more submissive position often preferred for prostate milking is on all fours with you butt facing your partner. Experiment to find a position that is the most comfortable as staying comfortable for the entire length of the massage will be critical to its success.

Step 3: Relaxation and Enjoyment

This is the single most important step of them all. The pleasure derived from the prostate massage will be a new sensation for men who are new to prostate stimulation. Most men will be so familiar with the regular pleasure they receive from stimulation of their penis that they may first struggle to recognise or tune in to this new source of pleasure. This is mainly due to the male urge to simulate the penis to ejaculation that we men learn from such an early age through regular masturbation or sex. However, in doing so we are rewarded with orgasm and because of the ejaculation we become sexually satisfied and require no further pleasure. It is for this reason that most men do not pursue other avenues of pleasure such as prostate stimulation.

In order to break the habit of only being able to experience pleasure centred around the penis, the receiver of the prostate massage will first of all need to try to mentally prepare himself for experiencing a new kind of pleasure. In order to do this, relaxation is key. When the receiver is in the massage position, he should then begin by taking slow, deep breaths taking care to release muscle tension and stress with every exhale. Often the best technique is to relax the entire body bit by bit. For instance the first few exhales one might concentrate on relaxing muscle tension in the arms, the next few the shoulders, then the back and so forth until your entire body feels relaxed. Take anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes for this relaxation. Once you are relaxed you will be more receptive to new sources of pleasure and especially subtle pleasure which is often how pleasure from prostate massages begin.

Finally, It will be important to identify any pleasurable feelings during the massage no matter how subtle they may be. Now this is a little tricky to explain. Identifying pleasure in this sense is achieved by responding to it in some way. Whenever you feel something good during the massage or think something feels good (even if you are not sure) respond to it in some way. Now every person responds to pleasure in different ways but the most common include: moaning, groaning, smiling, tensing muscles, laughing, arching the back, in fact pretty much everything you might find a women doing during orgasm. This is no accident as prostate orgasms are closely related to female G spot orgasms. The prostate has been found to be made up of similar tissue as the female G spot which might account for some of the similarities between female G spot and male prostate orgasms. If you successfully achieve a prostate orgasm, you are quite likely to find yourself exhibiting the same actions as a women during a G spot orgasm.

Every time you respond to anything pleasurable in such a manner your pleasure will increase. As it increases and you react to it increasing, your pleasure will increase once again. This cycle continues until eventually you reach orgasm. In effect, you increase your pleasure by identifying it and responding to it. This really is not that different from normal stimulation of the penis only that penile stimulation is far easier to identify and far easier to intensify by increasing the speed of stimulation to the penis.

Step 4: Arousal

Men who start a prostate massage aroused often report being able to reach orgasm faster so if you wish you may engage in activities that will heighten your arousal. Pornography, having your partner talk dirty to you or stimulation of various parts of your body such as the nipples can be used to get yourself aroused. Basically any foreplay activity will be effective. The only rule is to NOT touch the penis in this arousal phase and during the massage for that matter. Touching the penis will overpower any other sources of pleasure such as the prostate that you are trying so hard to stimulate and will prove detrimental to the massage.

The prostate can also be stimulated externally, and even though this is far less effective for achieving orgasm, it is a good way to build up your arousal. To externally massage the prostate place your finger on your perineum which is the area of skin located half way between your anus and your testicles. This area is bundled with nerves that lead to the prostate so massaging this are will feel nice. Gently massage this area to warm up the prostate.

Step 5: Insertion and Locating the Prostate

First of all make sure you have thoroughly washed your hands and put on the latex glove or placed the condom over your middle finger with the hand you wish to perform the massage. You may also use your index finger for the massage but it will often not be long enough especially if you are performing the massage on yourself.

At this point the receiver of the massage should start relaxing all the abdominal and anal muscles using the same relaxing breathing he has been doing to relax his entire body.

The massage giver should now apply plenty of lubricant to the finger they wish to use for the massage and once lubricated gently rub the receivers anus to help him relax. Feel free to keep massaging the perineum at this time.

If you are performing the massage on yourself and lying on your back in the position already described you will need to place your hand between your legs and bend your wrist towards your anus so that your palm faces upwards and your finger has access to your anus. The nail of your finger should be facing downward (towards your back) as the massage will be using the pad of your finger.

Slowly and very gently begin to slide your finger into the anus bit by bit. Remember that the pad of your finger will be facing upward and pointing in the direction of the penis. The receiver will naturally react by tensing the anus. When this happens stop and wait until the anus is relaxed once again and then continue with the insertion. After a few prostate massages insertion will be easy as it is just the initial uncertainty and novelty of the sensations that can slow the process. Take as much time as is needed. If the receiver is having trouble relaxing the anus, he will need to use the deep breathing to relax or you will need to use more lubricant.

The direction of insertion should the inward and slightly upwards in the general direction of the belly button. Most guides will tell you to keep inserting until you feel a bump with a different texture to the surrounding tissue about the size of a golf ball with a small dip in the middle. In our experience it is incredible difficult to locate the prostate like this. Instead insert your middle finger just after the second knuckle. This will be anywhere between 2 to 3 inches which should position your finger right on your prostate if you gently rest the pad of your finger on the top wall of the anus (do not press up too hard on the prostate just rest your finger gently on top of it). If you cannot feel any sort of lump with a different texture and a little harder than the surrounding tissue then dont worry. As long as your finger is inserted just past the first knuckle you can be fairly certain you have reached the prostate. If not, once you begin the massage you can feel around and see which area you prefer, but never under any circumstance press hard on the prostate.

Step 6: The Massage

Now that you have, or think you have located the prostate you can begin massaging it. To massage it, use the come here motion with your massage finger as though you are calling someone over. This motion should gently rub or stoke the prostate and not really massage it as the name prostate massage implies, as a massage implies pressure, which is not what we are after. Use as little pressure as possible to stroke the prostate.

There are various techniques to stroke the prostate like the up and down motion described above. You may also stroke the sides of the prostate in a similar manner or use circular or sideways motions. Which stroking technique is best depends on personal preference so experiment to see which feels the best.

While the prostate is being rubbed, the receiver needs to remember to keep relaxing and divert focus to where his prostate is located to identify any pleasure he may be feeling. How well men respond to prostate stimulation varies from man to man. Some men will immediately know that the prostate is being stroked and find it very pleasurable while others might find it difficult to tune in to the new type of pleasure. Some men will be lucky and have a mind blowing prostate orgasm during their first massage. If you are struggling to find it pleasurable dont worry as the pleasure will increase over time as you and your body become accustomed to receiving this new type of pleasure. Think of it as running a marathon, most of us need training to enable our bodies to cope with running a marathon, well it is the same with prostate massage.

Eventually when your mind and body will be capable of achieving orgasm from prostate massage every time but before you reach this stage here are a few tips to help you. We have said it once and will say it again for emphases that being able to recognise pleasure and build upon it by reacting to it in the techniques we have mentioned is critical to complete the cycle of pleasure that will eventually reach the peak of orgasm. Stimulation to the nipples can help to fast track you to orgasm as the nipples can be highly sensitive especially once you become accustomed to the type of pleasure they can generate.

Some men will ejaculate from prostate massage alone even if the penis is never touched and have a wonderful orgasm as a result. Other men might slowly ejaculate where the semen slowly leaks or drips from the end of the penis without having any sort of orgasm. This is called prostate milking and is used to drain semen from a man while denying him an orgasm. It is most widely practiced in the sexual denial and submission circles. However prostate milking usually occurs when the prostate is massaged while the male is not aroused.

With prostate massage, erections are not an indicator of arousal. Some men will remain totally flaccid during the prostate massage including during their orgasms while others will be rock hard the entire time. Some might switch from flaccid to rock hard and vice versa but it makes no difference to the massage. The penis should be totally ignored during the entire massage.

The length of the massage can vary greatly, some men will be able to achieve orgasm faster than others but we would recommend to massage for at least 45 minutes per massage. Additionally, there is no reason to stop at only one orgasm as men can have as many of these successive prostate orgasms as they want in a row. It has been reported that the intensity of the orgasm increases after each consecutive orgasm that is experienced so it pays off to keep going.

Some of you wont succeed the first time but please dont get frustrated and keep increasing the pressure or the vigorousness of the massage as this is not only dangerous but will not help you to achieve orgasm. Be patient and persistent and eventually you will unlock the prostates orgasm.

Step 7: Stimulation of the Penis (Optional)

For those of you that do get frustrated from the lack of results and need some quick relief then maintain the prostate massage and start stimulating the penis. It will immediately feel amazing and it wont take long for you to reach orgasm and ejaculate, of course this will be just like a normal ejaculatory orgasm and you will have a refractory period the only difference will be that the orgasm will be a lot more pleasurable.

If you employ slower stimulation to the penis you can prolong the pleasure before you ejaculate. That way you can even stay below the point of no return and maintain a high level of pleasure until you decide to ejaculate in the usual manner.

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