What Is Prostate Massage

The prostate gland is located just under the bladder in the abdominal area of a man and is the size of a large walnut or golf ball. The prostate has many important functions. It controls erectile function meaning that erectile dysfunction is often centred around a problematic prostate. Semen production is the prostates other main function with the prostate creating 30-70% of the males semen. The exact figure is unknown as the Cowpers gland and seminal vesicles which are both located next to the prostate also contribute forming along with the penis the male reproductive system.

Keeping the prostate healthy should be every mans priority if they wish to maintain a healthy body and sex life. Unfortunately many individuals only learn about the prostate when they experience problems such as abdominal or testicular pain, have trouble passing urine or need to urinate very frequently. These are all signs of an unhealthy prostate usually the result of a swollen prostate from infection or blockages formed from stationary semen in the prostate for long periods of time or from a lack of oxygen and nutrients being delivered to the prostate via the blood stream mainly due to sexual inactivity and usually the lack of blood flow to the region as we get older and our circulatory functions become less efficient with age. Even sitting in a chair all day everyday might have a negative impact on prostate health as the prostate can become numb from the constant pressure from the seat causing it to receive less blood with oxygen and nutrients due to the compression of the tissues in the area when sitting down.

Prostate massage refers to the stimulation of the prostate gland and surrounding tissues for one of numerous outcomes. So far we have explored the medical purposes for prostate massage which encompass the massage of the prostate in order to increase the blood flow to the region, increasing the oxygen and nutrients brought to the prostate in the blood stream. This enables the prostate to battle infections and generally stay healthy. The second medical purpose for prostate massage is to drain some of the static prostate fluid that collects in the prostate and can eventually cause inflammation or blockages. Through the process of prostate massage this prostatic fluid will slowly be released into the urethra and will very slowly drip out from the penis. This process is often performed by a urologist to relieve some of the pain and swelling on the prostate when a patient has an inflammation. This is performed by the urologist inserting one or two lubricated fingers into the anus until they find the prostate and either begins to gently massage the prostate gland or even apply firm pressure. For those of you wishing to perform your own prostate massage with your fingers we strongly recommend to only use very gently massaging and never apply any firm pressure on the prostate as there are risks of injury. The doctor will continue the massage until some prostatic fluid is discharged.

Anyone experiencing prostate problems should first of all immediately consult with their doctor before attempting a prostate massage as if you are diagnosed with Acute Prostatitis prostate massage could result in the infection spreading from the prostate to other parts of the body which can be very dangerous. While some resources provide a guide for performing a self prostate massage we feel that it is often done incorrectly due to lack of experience which can possess its dangers. It is illogical to risk injury and perform what will likely be a very ineffective massage due to your lack of experience when there are specifically designed medical tools to perform a perfect prostate massage safely. The best prostate massagers are made by High Island Health also know by the Aneros brand that they use for their adult toy market. We recommend the Aneros MGX as it provides a softer massage which is great for individuals with an enlarged prostate as the massage is gentler causing less discomfort if the individual is experiencing prostate pain while still delivering a perfect massage.

Prostate massage is also commonly used within a sexual context. What we have not yet mentioned is that the prostate is also refaced to as the male G spot or P spot. Through prostate massage the male can experience very strong pleasurable sensations and ultimately orgasms. The orgasms do not result in ejaculation meaning that the male refractory period is avoided allowing for non stop orgasm for as long as you want. These orgasms will be far stronger and longer than traditional penile orgasms with ejaculation making them highly desirable by all who have experienced them. Once again it is the Aneros that is specifically designed to massage the prostate to mind blowing orgasms and 100% hands free. The only thing required of you is to relax and enjoy the experience.

Of course all of the medical benefits of prostate massager are realised when using the Aneros for sexual purposes so not only will you be having the time of your life but you will be increasing the health of your prostate reducing the risk of problems later in life. There are additional benefits to prostate massage such as stronger orgasm during intercourse, stronger erections, and even better ejaculation control allowing you to last longer in bed.

On the more extreme end of the scale prostate massage is also used in the BDSM realm in the slave / mistress relationship. In this context a prostate massage is performed to drain the prostate of all semen without orgasm resulting in the inability to ejaculate for several hours or even days due to insufficient semen remaining for ejaculation. This keeps the slave sexually frustrated and in constant orgasm denial until their body produces enough semen for ejaculation to take place. This is sometimes also referred to as sissy milking.

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