Why Men Need to Masturbate

The male reproductive system is designed to continuously produce semen. Semen is produced by a variety of the male reproductive organs mainly the prostate, seminal vesicles and the testicles. As the level of semen builds so does ones lust for sex creating a natural signal from your body that it is time to ejaculate. The average man takes about 72 hours to produce his maximum level of semen with some men taking a little shorter and some a little longer.

If this semen remains within the prostate and seminal vesicles (this is where the majority of semen is stored) for an extended period of time, your body will try to reabsorb it into the body to allow room for fresh semen to be created and stored. By not ejaculating every few days you are forcing your body to work overtime to absorb old semen. This puts an unnecessary strain on your body when you could simply ejaculate to clear out the old semen from your reproductive system.

This strain is not all that problematic if you ejaculate once a week but when you start abstaining for longer periods of time such as weeks or even months you risk creating problems for yourself. While your body will try to absorb all the old semen it is not able to do so entirely and as a result some old semen will remain within your sexual organs for a long period of time. Old semen can become stale, cause infections, and even solidify within your prostate. This can cause a selection of problems most notable including erectile dysfunction, troublesome and painful urination, abdominal/testicular pain, but perhaps most worryingly increasing your chance of developing prostate cancer.

You sleep when you are tired and eat when hungry so dont neglect the needs of your body and ejaculate at least once a week or preferable every few days. Ejaculation is a need just like eating and sleeping to allow your body to function properly so get to it!

If you are worried about your sexual health please visit your GP who can check your sexual health.

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