Why Prostate Massage Is Unknown

With so much pleasure to be had from prostate massage, why isn't it widely known about and practiced as part of every mans sex life. Well, the truth is that it is! Certainly the Asian continent is far more aware of the prostate and massages are as frequent as sex for many Asian couples. In fact for millennia, prostate massage has been sought after for its healing capabilities performed by loving partners on a regular basis to maintain a mans sexual and overall health.

For some reason, prostate massage never took off in the west. The reasons are not full known but one cannot overlook the sometimes negative views of many predominant religious groups on sexual practices. Western society has traditionally been incredibly quick to discourage anything sexual with censorships and a general belief that anything sexual is forbidden or taboo. These nonsensical perceptions have been covering a fantastic wealth of information regarding sexual health and pleasure. The general UK population is aware of less than 5% of the world's sexual practices and techniques making us miss out on many forms of sexual pleasure.

Prostates massage, being most easily practised through the anus brings the additional barrier of the perception that anything anal is homosexual, conveniently forgetting the fact that homosexuality is defined through ones own sexual perceptions and not through ones actions as well as the fact that there is no other man involved in prostate massage so how could it possible be a gay act? Again these homophobic perceptions have been spawned through centuries of cultural and religious conditioning. It is a great shame so many men and women miss out on so much pleasure due to their narrow mindedness. I urge everyone to keep an open mind and come to your own sexual conclusions rather than have others conclude for you. I always like to ask myself: how can something that feels good be wrong? It can't, and if you try to tell yourself otherwise, you are denying who you truly are.

Many of you will be surprised to know that prostate massage is growing at an incredible rate in Europe and the US. Unfortunately, like many sexual activities individuals tend to keep their actions private and so while quite a few people indulge in prostate massage already, it will certainly not come up in conversation. In fact, recent survey suggests that a predicted 50% of the UK adult population either own or at some point in their lives owned a sexual aid such as a sex toy. Fetishes and all sorts of sexual desires are thriving both on and off the internet. The western world is finally breaking their biased perceptions about the rights and wrongs of sex and finally thinking for themselves. It is my belief that within the next 5-10 years, prostate massage will be as common an act as oral sex. Don't wait and miss out, get started today.

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