The Mangasm Buzz Review

Picture of a Mangasm Buzz prostate massager

Today we have a bit of a treat in the form of a Mangasm Buzz. Our UK readers may not yet have heard of the Mangasm range of prostate massagers that are taking the US by storm. The manufacturer of the Masgasm range asked us if we would like to review one of their massagers and as we never can turn down a new toy, we just had to agree.

A week later a package arrived. I ripped it open to find a very sleek and professional looking box that just screamed “open me” - and who am I to resist?

Opening the box my attention immediately drew to the distinctive shape of the Mangasm Buzz. Now, it is no secret that there are plenty of massagers on the market these days but the shape of the Buzz stood out as unique. My attention was drawn to the very tip which resembled a tongue. Thoughts of the tongue like tip “licking” my prostate wasted no time in invading my imagination, while I scanned the remainder of the Buzz to find the tip gave way to a significantly pronounced dip that would snuggle my prostate. The base of the Buzz was flared towards the front and back acting as a stimulator for the perineum and the sensitive nerves around the tail bone.

I then spotted the unmistakable shape of the end of a vibrating bullet protruding from the bottom of my Buzz. With the hint in the name, the Buzz's party trick is its ability to vibrate with what I was about to learn is an array of wonderful vibrations, but more on that later.

The instructions were easy: wash, lube, relax, insert. The size seemed ideal to me. Small enough to not cause much discomfort upon insertion, but large enough thoroughly massage the prostate. Inserting the Buzz was even easier than anticipated as the thinner tongue like tip slid in easily and provided a welcomed “warm up” for the thicker middle.

Immediately upon insertion I felt the unmistakable sensation of the Buzz hugging my prostate – something that very few prostate massagers achieve from the get go. I knew then that this massager could be a real contender. Lying on my side I proceeded to relaxed and take a few deep breaths to tune into the sensations around the prostate. The slightly more aggressive shape of the Buzz compared to the other massagers helps to get things going much quicker. I was feeling pleasure in no time and decided to move onto the next step: contractions. Contracting my sphincter, the pleasure soon kicked up a notch. Minutes later the warm waves of pleasure starting flowing throughout my body. With it, the memories of total satisfaction that only prostate massage brings filled my mind as nothing short of a house fire would have interrupted my pleasure trip.

Who knows how long I rode the waves of pleasure, but after many many waves and a few mini orgasmic peaks I suddenly remembered the secret weapon: vibrations! Flicking the button, I jumped as the Buzz began vibrating. Cycling through the first three vibration settings I was greeted by varying degrees of vibration intensity in the form of a continual buzz. The next few settings varied from pulses of vibrations – even in length, short, long as well as pulses that built in length and intensity. I lost count exactly how many variations there were but one thing is for sure: everyone will find a setting they will love.

Enjoying the feeling of one particular pulsing vibration the Buzz proceeded to take me for one wild ride. The pulses helped heighten the pleasure and shorten the waiting time between orgasmic peaks. I really can't remember much more other than that I had a great time. In what initially was a toy that had a lot of features that could could go wrong, the Buzz just continued to impress and prove me wrong. It is clear that many hours were spent in getting the Buzz to tick all the boxes with the attention to detail especially evident in the shape, the quietness and yet power of the vibrations.

Struggling to fault this toy the only bad thing I can think of is that its pink colour is a little girly and the LR44 batterys are a little unusual – as you can see I’m clutching at straws here as there are very few negatives about the Buzz.

Oh, in case you were wondering it all ended in just as the packaging promised: a very messy ejaculatory orgasm that rated right up their as the best I’ve had in the last few months. I have nothing left to say other than buy this toy! You will not ask for your money back.

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