Penomet Penis Enlarger Review

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Today we take a look a the Penomet who the eagle eyed readers amongst you may have recognised as a penis enlarger. There are quite a number of penis enlargers on the market today selling the promise of a larger penis for all. Penis pumps, extenders, creams and pills to name but a few. At this point I realise most of you will have one burning question: do penis enlargers work?

Id like to take the time to get one thing straight: from my experience there are a number of techniques used by men to try and increase the size of their penis. Some I have seen work first hand while others I have yet to see evidence of their success.

The point I want to make is that there is one important thing to keep in mind: in many respects penis enlargement is like working out. The men who have seen the best results have treated it as such. Now the penis is not a muscle, so don’t go strapping dumbbells to you dick, but the concept of body building and penis enlargement share many similarities.

Persistence is perhaps the most important similarity. In penis enlargement just like body building, gains do not happen overnight so if you are not prepared to put in the effort then don’t bother! With the correct technique most men should see gains of half an inch to an inch in 1 – 3 months.

Technique is another such similarity where doing the right thing can make or break your workout. Thankfully the Penomet's ingenious design makes this almost idiot proof. The Penomet is quite unique in the way that it applies its suction. If you haven’t already guessed the Penoment is a new generation of penis pump made special by the design of its “gaiters” that control the amount of pressure exerted by the pump. They allow for just the right amount of pressure to be exerted and make it impossible for the user to apply an unsafe amount, and if the pressure does get too much, the quick release valve at the top of the Penomet quickly relieves the pressure.

In addition to its unique gaiters, the enlarger joins the few water based penis pumps on the market. Why water? Well i'm no expert but the i'm pretty sure the denser properties of H2O provide a more even amount of pressure to be exerted on the penis leading to a more balanced enlargement across the whole penis as well as increasing the rate of growth. Remember the “It's like a babies hand holding an apple” gag from Austin Powers? Well i'm quite sure this is what the Penomet avoids - after all you want to make your penis bigger and not deform it so that it will fit in the the Chernobyl crowd.

Now the manufacturer is damn proud of their enlarger offering a full 1 year money back guarantee. This is not just an industry first but the confidence in their product is also impressive. 2 years of development and testing but industry experts with over 100 years combined experience, I won't go on, but feel free to read up on what other goodies you benefit from on the manufacturers website.

At this point during my research into the Penomet things were looking good until one thing tipped the scale for me. What impressed me most of all were the designed Penomet warm up and lengthening experiences/stretches which form part of the “workout” routine. The reason I was so impressed is that they combined their innovative product with enlargement stretches that have been in use for thousands of years. More commonly referred to as “Jelqing”, it basically entails stretching the penis with your hands so that over time the penis grows in size. A very similar concept to ear or lip stretchers: Apply a stretch for long enough and the body will adapt but increasing cell growth in the body part being stretched.

In a nut shell, the Penomet works like this: You perform a series of stretches to warm up the penis and the blood flowing, stretching it to encourage cell division and growth. You then hop in the bath and place the Penoment (filled with water) over the penis. Pumping the water out using the gaiter you increase the pressure within the enlarger, further encouraging growth more efficiently but this time in the entire penis. Its this dual action of stretches and pressure that combine to become the most complete penis enlargement routine that I have seen to date.

We have a Penomet here in the office for our review and can report that its easy to use while being more comfortable than other enlargers. While its too early to tell how well the Penomet will work for us as this is just an initial review, Im more confident with the Penomet then any enlarger I have tried.

That leaves the question of should you buy one. As mentioned before, if you wont invest the effort, then probably don’t bother as it will join the same club as your gym membership that you never use. But if you are willing to persist and work through the set out routines for at least a month, then I say go for it – I know I will, and I'll report back on the results.

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